Body Mouth Health Association

There is a direct correlation of the body's health to the oral health of an individual. Changes to oral health reflect the body‘s health and the opposite holds true. Specific research shows the relationship of oral health to overall health on the following:

Good Health is Initiated in the Mouth

The statement that you are what you eat holds true. A good diet and healthy appetite begins with a background to food choices and exposure. What you may do with the foods you prepared or selected, your digestion, begins with healthy chewing and salivary production and mixture. The absorption of healthy foods begins in the mouth, the break down of starches, absorption of sugars, and the taste of foods is an oral physiological process.

Heart Disease

Proteins of the oral bacteria are found in the inflammatory growths in unhealthy arteries and veins. The cleansing of oral structures helps reduce these deposits. Brush after every meal!


The constriction of arteries and veins occurs in the blood vessels within neurological structures of the brain. Clean teeth and gums makes for clear flowing blood vessels. Floss the teeth you wish to keep!


Gum inflammation leads to processes that will disturb insulin regulation and sugar metabolism. Keep your gums healthy!


Besides the smell and cancer relations, tobacco causes the presence of gum disease to be hidden from view of the user. The tobacco can lead to oral cancer and periodontal disease, the major cause of tooth loss.

Respiratory Disease

Poor oral heath will lead to the inhalation of oral bacterial, viruses, yeasts and protozoa. All of these are contributors to pneumonia and lung disease. Fluorides kill harmful bacteria!


Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis are inflammatory processes affected by the inflamed gums. Sleep with clean teeth!


Bad breath keeps friends and loved ones away. We need our hugs which are best given and received with the sweetness of your smile.

Self Esteem

Look your best, feel your best. Show off with smiles keeping everyone guessing what makes you so happy.