The best method to keeping a healthy smile. Many people believed that tooth loss was inevitable. Today we have learned methods to improve our lives. Most important to your health is a functional detention in order to eat a proper diet, communicate with others, and project a vibrant appearance.


The best mechanical means to clean between your teeth. Take about 18 inches of unwaxed floss and begin wrapping on the middle finger and wrap the reminder as a reservoir on the middle finger of the other hand. Give yourself two thumbs length between your two hands. With your thumb or forefinger, direct your floss between teeth, in the front and behind every tooth. Position the floss as far below the gum as possible curving the floss halfway around the tooth. Lift the floss up and down until it squeaks clean. Lift the floss over the gum peak and wrap it about the next tooth. Advance the working zone of the floss by wrapping from one middle finger to the other. Learn the technique with a waxed floss; however unwaxed flossing is the most efficient.


Thorough brushing of your teeth, gums and tongue completes the mechanical task. Soft bristles will disrupt the bacterial plaque without harm to the teeth and gum. Brush one tooth at a time reaching all exposed surfaces. Angle the handle to wedge bristles to the gum and tooth junction.


The only way to clean zones deeper than 2 mm below the gum line. With proper solutions, home remedies, commercial rinses or prescription medications, pockets can be treated to slow the progression of gum disease. Ask us to inform you of the treatment plan for you.


Numerous mouth rinses are available today. Be aware of alcohol and detergent contents. For you specifically, some rinses may not be safe. We will help you decide which would be best. All rinses work better with irrigation devices.


This natural element strengthens and desensitizes teeth. Over the counter and prescription strengths are available. Instructions for proper use must be followed.

Bite Guards:

Soft or hard guards may be applicable to your lifestyle or activity. Normal chewing forces over time wear or may break teeth. We are happy to examine for occlusal disease patterns and will suggest means to prevent attrition and maintain the restoration of your teeth.