Many people are disturbed by the sleep habits of a partner by their snoring or gasping for breath. Others are disturbed from their sleep by their partner demanding that they seek a new position or place to sleep to stop the same. Others are recognized by their physicians to have symptoms of poor oxygenation requiring a sleep study followed by a oxygen mask to be worn at sleep. The apparatus to maintain proper oxygen blood levels often creates other complaints by partners or the person themselves.

A device can be constructed by prescription by Dr. Kahn that holds the lower jaw in a stable position, opening the airway from obstruction caused by the back of the tongue against the soft palate and the back of the throat. Remember the older rules for CPR or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. There was a head tilt and chin lift position that would open the airway to enable resuscitation breathing. This inserted device will position the chin in the same manner to open the airway. The device fits to the upper and lower teeth with the lower jaw opened and protruded. Breathing may occur through the mouth or nose without interference.

If the individual and their partner have grown accustomed to the positive air pressure mask mentioned above, many persons complain of jaw pain from the tightly fitting mask. A hard guard can be constructed by Dr. Kahn to hold the jaws in a position that reduces this painful status.