An Immediate Prosthesis is constructed to enable an individual to sustain the esthetic management of their overall health at a time that tooth loss, complete or partial, becomes inevitable. Upon diagnosis and treatment planning, a decision is reached to plan this course of therapy. The home-care instructions, before and after the delivery of the prosthesis, must be followed for predictable success. If there are any concerns to this progress, a call to the office will clarify your issues.

The treatment plan, after current diagnosis, will be for serial removal of hopeless dentition and restoration with an immediate prosthesis, a device to replace teeth to esthetics and function. Impressions are taken for recording elements for the future prosthesis. Medications are prescribed on an as needed basis. Sometimes, further impressions are made for the registration of soft tissues and bite relations.

If the future fixed prostheses, a bridge or implant supported devices, are planned, the immediate maybe fixed to the supporting structures with a temporary cement. Home care instructions will be delivered for flossing, brushing and rinsing specifically related to an extraction and the prosthesis.

If the future prosthesis will be removable, the immediate is maintained in the mouth for 48 hours to establish a healing stent, a bandage which offers a healing platform to the gum and bone. It maybe removed for brushing and rinsing but must be returned to position. If left out of the mouth, the prosthesis may be difficult to replace or wear due to the swelling of tissues. Notify this office if you had attempted the replacement without success. After 48 hours, the denture or partial maybe adjusted but should be worn until the extraction sites are no longer sore to touch. Once fully healed, the prosthesis should be removed for sleep. A removable device must be clean. As teeth become coated with bacterial plaque and calculus or tartar, a prosthesis may do the same.

Instructions for the care of a removable prosthesis are as follows:

  1. Place water into your sink with the stopper applied, a dropped denture will break!
  2. Securely hold the prosthesis and brush with a denture brush.
  3. Soak your denture in a water bath that contains a denture cleaning material during sleep.
  4. Rinse and inspect the denture after the soaking, rebrush and rinse if debris is observed.
  5. Secure the denture into your mouth observing for a positive seat.
  6. Denture sores and oral infections are common, seek our advice.
  7. A well fitting prosthesis should provide functional and esthetic needs. Consult with us as needed.